• Multi-Tenant Cloud Directory this provides you with a wide range of options for storing whatever data your organization needs.
    When combined with self-registration and manual provisioning of cloud identities and self-service and delegated administration capabilities, it not only makes user password resets and associated tasks easier, but also enhances the user’s entire experience.
  • Flexible Authentication Options Cloud Directory supports full SSO and federation, as well as offering a wide range of authorization options, eliminating the need for another directory, improving your users, customers, and partners overall experience, and reduces the support desk burden.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Directory

EmpowerID’s Cloud Directory provides a complete and fully customizable multi-tenant centralized identity store in the Cloud
This is fully customizable to your organization and provides many options.
On the one hand, this could be a minimal directory that captures just the required profile data needed to authenticate customers.
On the other, it could be the primary centralized source for all critical attribute information that is continually accessed and enriched from each of your many directory stores.
One advantage of the Cloud Directory is that by supporting self-registration and manual provisioning of Cloud identities for all your suppliers, partners, customers and other external users it eliminates the need to create identities in your internal directories.
Another advantage is that end users can manage their own passwords and identity associations via the self-service and delegated administration.
This not only reduces downtime as a result of having no access to the systems and applications they need to perform their job function, but also frees up support staff to concentrate on more business–critical tasks.

Flexible Authentication Options

EmpowerID’s Cloud Directory supports a wide range of authentication options that eliminate the need for another directory, including API, LDAP, RADIUS, etc
EmpowerID is a Cloud Single Sign-On and Identity Federation platform that supports all major identity protocols including OpenID Connect and SAML.
This permits Cloud Directory users, customers, and partners to sign-up and login using their Social Media credentials from services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, or almost any other social media provider.

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