Identity Layer for Applications and Things
A Secure Identity Platform That You Don't Have to Write Yourself
Get Your Apps to Market Faster with IAM Out of the Box

Do you want a seamless Identity and Access Management experience for your applications but think building a proprietary solution is too risky? EmpowerID was designed to cover all the areas of IAM so you don't have to. EmpowerID gives application developers unmatched breadth of out of the box IAM functionality. EmpowerID comes with everything you need including an Identity Warehouse, social media login/registration, multi-factor authentication, self-service user interfaces and workflows, and all of the security controls to manage and verify access. Users can run hundreds of unique and customizable visual IAM workflows in our responsive design web UI, or IAM workflows can be run programmatically from within your application using our API. Built in capabilities include advanced features like detailed logging, reporting, email alerts, workflow approvals and even task tracking.
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Provide Secure Identity Services for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart connected devices are the latest target for hack attacks and present a challenge for traditional security platforms. EmpowerID is a modern platform empowering organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of security for this new type of identity from onboarding and registration, to association with human owners to the eventual decommissioning of the device. A flexible Identity Warehouse relates devices to their owners and controls access while support for the latest technology standards (OAuth and OpenID Connect) ensures interoperability with the widest range of vendor devices.
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Support the Latest Standards

The EmpowerID platform supports the latest standards including: SAML, OAuth, WS-Fed, JSON Web Token, LDAP, RADIUS, OpenID Connect and multi-factor authentication using OATH. For applications not able to leverage the latest technologies, EmpowerID also offers a solution to SSO enable them without costly code revisions. To solve these challenges, EmpowerID takes a Swiss Army Knife approach for single sign-on. EmpowerID provides a range of tools including Web Access Management, federation toolkits, and password vaulting that enable almost any application to participate in a single sign-on environment. This range of options guarantees the highest success rates for SSO-enablement, with the least effort and expense.
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Easy to Use APIs and Unique Visual Workflow Model

All of the capabilities leveraged in the EmpowerID application can be leveraged by your application using a friendly API. A unique visual workflow model allows you to quickly get up and running with hundreds of built-in Identity and Access Management workflows. Select the workflows that best fit your needs and use them via our API to do the heavy lifting. Or allow users to run workflows in your own branded and embedded portal. The workflow design studio encapsulates code into activity blocks that support a reusable drag and drop model. Users are free to mix and match any of the hundreds of out-of-the-box workflow activities that are provided with EmpowerID. As a result, development and deployment of applications are faster, they are a better match to business requirements, and they can be reconfigured rapidly when your process changes. Developers can work in the technology of their choice, using our flexible and easy to use APIs and a shared set of identity services for cloud and on premise desktop and mobile applications. The open, EmpowerID platform also makes it easy to leverage app-to-app integrations and quickly incorporate additional functionality. Out of the box integrations include Twilio Voice and SMS APIs for one-time passcode delivery and Lexis Nexus for Identity Proofing.
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Advanced Multi-Tenant Controls Over Who Has Access to What

EmpowerID allows you to easily manage the security for both your large and small customers without resorting to costly custom coding. Our built-in multi-tenant authorization engine uses both role and attribute-based technologies. This allows us to simplify the security management experience, while supporting a customizable level of self-management and autonomy. Your security can range from very simple, role-based checks to controlling who may login and access various portions of your applications. EmpowerID can even implement dynamic real-time contextual policies that control access down to the individual controls and API methods in your application itself. You decide what you need and when with a platform that can be easily reconfigured as your user base grows.
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Scalability to Meet the Toughest Demands

The EmpowerID platform is distributable, scalable, and capable of handling the most demanding, high-volume environments. You can start small and grow it out as your adoption increases. We support any number of servers, running in parallel at one time or distributed across firewall boundaries, with secure encrypted communication and automatic load-balancing & failover.
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Integrate With Your Customer's Infrastructure

EmpowerID allows your application's security to become embedded as an extended part of your customers' on-site systems. EmpowerID enables you to easily embed and integrate with your customer's onsite or Cloud portal. Integration with your customers' corporate directories, such as Microsoft AD and LDAP or federation products solutions, allows them to maintain full control over their identities — so you don't have to. Once they are integrated with these customer systems, users can leverage their existing desktop login to obtain seamless access to your applications.
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